.Best of Santa Cruz County 2017: Health & Recreation


Best Crossfit

Studio 831

best of santa cruz county 2017 health & recreation - crossfit
Best Crossfit: Studio 831
  • Studio 831 is all about functional fitness. They focus on exercises that improve on and make more enjoyable the things in life you already do.
  • Their CrossFit program can be tailored to everyone from beginners to longtime devotees.
  • In addition to physical exercise, Studio 831 encourages and utilizes a network of strong social support to achieve fitness.
  • They offer nutrition and weight-management counseling in order to take a holistic approach to optimal fitness.
  • Studio 831’s staff pride themselves on having no pre-conceived notions about fitness, allowing clients to guide and acheive what they want from their individual processes. ANDREW STEINGRUBE

Best Pilates

Agile Monkey

best of santa cruz county 2017health & recreation - pilates
Best Pilates: Agile Monkey
  • Agile Monkey offers everything pilates, from individual to group classes, as well as instructor training and continuing education programs.
  • It is family-owned-and-operated, and its 17 instructors often collaborate with other local medical and wellness practitioners.
  • They seek to help clients find their “inner monkey,” which means using pilates to create a sense of freedom and power in the body.
  • Pilates is all about balance: literally during its practice, and figuratively between strength and flexibility, body and mind.
  • Before pilates was known as “pilates,” its inventor Joseph Pilates called it “contrology.” AS

Best Sailing Charter

Chardonnay Sailing Charters

best of santa cruz county 2017 health & recreation - sailing charter
Best Sailing Charter: Chardonnay Sailing Charters

Started in 1984, they have been providing a sailing experience to the public in Santa Cruz for more than three decades.

  • Both their first vessel (Chardonnay I) and their current vessel (Chardonnay II) were designed by celebrated yacht designer Bill Lee, whose nickname is “The Wizard.”
  • Offer charters that (literally) cater to various types of food and drink enthusiasts, with everything from pizza and beer charters to ones that offer champagne and sushi.
  • During April and May, Chardonnay offers whale-watching charters, with a naturalist on board.
  • Private charters are available for occasions as varied as weddings, team-building exercises and straight-up recreation. AS


Best Acupuncture Clinic

Five Branches

best of santa cruz county 2017 health & recreation - acupuncture
Best Acupuncture Clinic: Five Branches

Five Branches offers comprehensive acupuncture that can help with everything from the common cold to sports injuries, and many things in-between.

  • It opened in1984,and was one of the first Traditional Chinese Medicine colleges in the U.S.
  • In the beginning, Five Branches University was a single classroom and one clinic with three treatment rooms and five teachers.
  • Its programs now include two campuses, 38 treatment rooms, and 200 teachers.
  • In addition to acupuncture, Five Branches also offers services such as massage, Chinese herbs, qigong, and nutritional counseling. AS


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Acupuncture Clinic

Five Branches University

200 7th Ave., #115, Santa Cruz

476-8211, fivebranches.edu

RUNNERS-UP Santa Cruz CORE Fitness & Rehab, Flux Acupuncture Lounge


Bike Shop

Bicycle Trip  

1001 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz,

427-2580, bicycletrip.com

RUNNERS-UP Another Bike Shop, Cycle Works



Dr. Masi Bayless  

543 Frederick St., Santa Cruz, 458-1940

RUNNERS-UP Dr. Duncan McCollum, Dr. Rhodes Walton



Studio 831

2351 Mission St., Santa Cruz, 469-3.959, santacruzstudio831.com

RUNNERS-UP Seabright Crossfit, Aptos Crossfit



Kevin Ippisch, DDS

9000 Soquel Ave. #202, Santa Cruz

476-3200, advanceddentistry.org

RUNNERS-UP Karen L. Coslett, DDS, A. Gavin McClure, DDS


Doctor (MD)

Rachel Abrams, MD

740 Front St., Santa Cruz

465-9088, doctorrachel.com

RUNNERS-UP Bruce Eisendorf, MD, Dean Kashino, MD


Doctor (ND)

Juli Mazi, ND

2840 Park Ave., Ste. A, Soquel, Santa Cruz,

731-5882, drjulimazi.com

RUNNERS-UP Tonya Fleck, ND; Aimée Gould Shunney, ND



Jennalee Dahlen at Yoso Wellness Spa

720 River St., Suite 5., Santa Cruz,

247-1987, yosowellness.com

RUNNERS-UP Mara Charron @ Simply Skin, Veronica Franco @ La Raux Salon


Golf Course


401 Upper Park Road, Santa Cruz,

423-7214, delaveagagolf.com

RUNNERS-UP Pasatiempo, Seascape



Toadal Fitness

113 Lincoln St., Santa Cruz, 423-3764

1200 17th Ave., #108, Santa Cruz, 464-3764

6200 Soquel Drive, Aptos, 475-5979

2929 Mission St. Extension, Santa Cruz, 466-3764

269 Mount Hermon Road, Scotts Valley, 430-9200

RUNNERS-UP In-Shape, Pacific Edge Climbing Gym


Martial Arts

Sanford’s Martial Arts   

4626 Soquel Drive, Soquel,

475-9676, sanfordkarate.com

RUNNERS-UP Kaijin Mixed Martial Arts, Minorsan Self-Defense & Fitness


Medical Marijuana Club

KindPeoples Collective

3600 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz,

471-8562, kindpeoples.org

RUNNERS-UP CannaCruz, C.H.A.I.


Massage Therapist

Cala Remick  

317 Potrero St., Suite C,Santa Cruz,

425-9500, santacruzcore.com

RUNNERS-UP Jenny Call, Vital Body Therapy



Jaimi Jansen @ Santa Cruz CORE Fitness


317 Portrero St., Santa Cruz, 425-9500, santacruzcore.com

RUNNERS-UP Jocelyn Dubin @ Nourish, Healthy Way



Mark Joiner

1773 Dominican Way, Santa Cruz,

475-5500, joinerortho.com

RUNNERS-UP John A. Hedrick, North Coast Orthodontics


Outdoor Store

Outdoor World

1440 41st Ave., Capitola, 479-1501

136 River St., Santa Cruz, 423-9555


RUNNERS-UP Down Works, Play It Again Sports


Personal Trainer

Jason Lenington @ Toadal Fitness


RUNNERS-UP John Crites @ World Gym Scotts Valley, Beau Jansen @ Santa Cruz CORE Fitness



Way of Life

1220 41st Ave., Capitola,

464-4113, wayoflife.net

RUNNERS-UP New Leaf Community Markets, Staff of Life



Agile Monkey  

121 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz,

458-4125, agilemonkey.net

RUNNERS-UP Body in Motion, Pleasure Point Pilates


Running Store

Fleet Feet

26 Rancho Del Mar, Aptos,

662-0886, fleetfeetaptos.com

RUNNER-UP Santa Cruz Running Company  


Sailing Charter


790 Mariner Park Way, Dock FF, Santa Cruz, 423-1213, chardonnay.com

RUNNERS-UP O’Neill Yacht Charters, Pacific Yachting Sailing


Skate Park

Scotts Valley Skypark

361 Kings Village Road, Scotts Valley

RUNNERS-UP Derby Skate Park, Monte Family Skate Park


Skate Shop

Bill’s Wheels

1240 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz,

469-0904, billswheels.com

RUNNERS-UP Boardroom, Skateworks



Helm of Sun Valley

1408 41st Ave., Santa Cruz,

462-6800, helmofsunvalley.com

RUNNERS-UP Pacific Wave, Play It Again Sports


Spa (pampering)

Well Within Spa

417 Cedar St., Santa Cruz,

458-9355, wellwithinspa.com

RUNNERS-UP Caress Day Spa, Chaminade    


Spa (soaking)

Well Within Spa

417 Cedar St., Santa Cruz,

458-9355, wellwithinspa.com

RUNNER-UP Tea House Spa


Sporting Goods

Play It Again Sports

4770 Soquel Drive, Soquel,

475-1988, playitagainsports-soquel.com

RUNNER-UP Outdoor World


Stand-up Paddleboard

SUP Shack

2214 E. Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz,

464-7467, supshacksantacruz.com

RUNNERS-UP Covewater, Capitola Surf and Paddle


Surf School

Club Ed  

2350 Paul Minnie Ave., Santa Cruz,

464-0177, club-ed.com

RUNNERS-UP Richard Schmidt Surf School, Surf School Santa Cruz


Surf Shop


Multiple Locations

RUNNERS-UP Freeline, Pacific Wave

Surf Spot

Steamer Lane

RUNNERS-UP Cowell, Pleasure Point


Swim School

Adventure Sports

303 Potrero St. #15, Santa Cruz,

458-3648, asudoit.com

RUNNERS-UP Seahorse Swim School, Simpkins Family Swim Center  



Lucie Hemmen

555 Soquel Ave. #280, Santa Cruz,

111 Errett Circle, Santa Cruz

588-2331, luciephd.com

RUNNERS-UP Lena Axelsson, Linda Mastrangelo


Yoga Instructor

Hannah Muse


RUNNERS-UP Laurie Broderick-Burr, Victor Dubin  


Yoga Studio

Luma Yoga

1010 Center St., Santa Cruz, 325-2620,


RUNNERS-UP DiviniTree Yoga, Pleasure Point Yoga




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