.Beneficial and Dreamy: Risa’s Stars Sept. 11-17

Jupiter (in Sagittarius–the Archer) is moving towards a square with Neptune (in Pisces–the Savior). The two, Jupiter and Neptune, are in their home signs. The last time this occurred was the mid-19th century (1852-53)—a time of rapid expansion, spiritualism, and tension over slavery and the abolitionist movement. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published, and limiting ideas and beliefs were being transcended. We are experiencing this same influence again (’til Sept. 21).

Jupiter is always beneficial and Neptune’s dreamy. With Neptune, there’s a sense of things hidden, veiled and dissolving. We could find ourselves and others in a trance. With squares, challenges arise. We must move in a different direction while anchoring something new. Squares snap us to attention—especially if Neptune is involved.

Neptune can make us feel quite confused, even deluded. Illusions are common. Jupiter, on the other hand, is always bountiful. Sometimes too much to handle. With Neptune, we can experience disorganization and disillusion. With Jupiter, we experience extravagance and exaggeration. It’s best to follow routines at this time.

On a higher level with Jupiter/Neptune, we can have spiritual impressions, intuitions, guidance. The Virgo planets (Sun, Mercury and Mars) will square Jupiter and Neptune (creating a potent T-square). Virgo and Pisces are the two signs of health. And Sagittarius is the sign of sometimes overeating. This week, it’s best to eat lightly, not consume heavy foods.

The full moon/Virgo solar festival occurs Friday and Saturday. We align personality, soul and spirit (a triangle) within ourselves. We contemplate both practical matters and matters of Spirit, seek new ways of thinking and feel at times the need to escape, all the while dreaming big and contemplating a prolonged spiritual journey.

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ARIES: Those who are around you seek your mentorship and direction. You’re the structure and light needed that lights their way. This is not a compliment. It’s a responsibility of leadership, direction and love. It’s important to maintain health and a simple diet. Possibly you need more calcium/magnesium for calmness. With all relationships and interactions, be kind.

TAURUS: The work and responsibilities continue to arrive. Health issues, too. You tend to everything needed, forging ahead with the help of Vulcan (soul ruler). Vulcan fashions gold out of iron, creates a forward momentum, allows for hope and optimism, and drives you toward future goals. On your mind is always how to create, build and sustain community. It takes more than a village. It takes a new dawn.

GEMINI: Home continues to matter more and more. How to live with comfort and ease, tending all the while to perfect health and fitness. Daily life rhythms will sustain you. Is movement forward still an issue? Continue to ask for what you need, always speak with compassion and humor. You’re to live and serve with a wise heart. Venus is your companion. She greets you with a pale golden light. Soon she’ll be the evening star.

CANCER: Home and family become increasingly filled with responsibilities and work. You attempt to pass on family traditions. However, so many tasks interfere. Be practical with how much you’re doing for others, or exhaustion arises. An acupuncture treatment is most likely needed, and chiropractic, too. You’re the one at home needing tender loving care. Sit a while.

LEO: Are you finding yourself going out and about, creating deeper relationships with neighbors, siblings and close friends? Leos often tend only to themselves, and this creates loneliness. Wherever there’s a sense of imbalance with others, ask questions, listen, assess, and speak from the heart. Saturn, the Dweller on the Threshold (of divinity), is asking everyone to review past beliefs before a new mental attitude can form. The Angel of the Presence is watching.

VIRGO: In your daily life, have the intention to focus on facts and not on fictions, fantasies, or wishful thinking. Facts are the foundation of a clear, focused thinker and later, a good leader. Facts help uplift emotional disturbances, disappointments, changes, and confusions. Saturn, asking that you consider what is of value to you, provides both emotional and intellectual inspiration. Relax into a moving transformation.

LIBRA: You seek a sense of belonging. Assessing your talents and gifts, you wonder when the feeling of belonging will appear, and when there will be less stress and fewer limitations. Eventually, a new story will appear, a new life narrative. Then a change of appearance, along with new confidence and a desire for more harmony. You are a bit mysterious now. Careful with too much exercise. Careful with bones and ligaments. Ponder upon forgiveness.

SCORPIO: Notice your concern with how others see, and assess you and your skills. Notice a change of values occurring, too. It’s the right time for making new friends, contacting with old ones, creating professional opportunities with groups and on social media. A community or group needs your writing and research abilities. The present work situation may shift about. This will pass. Maintain composure.

SAGITTARIUS: Work should be pretty good, especially as you’re well-liked. At times you may feel restricted, constrained and controlled by someone in one or more groups of people. It will be important to make yourself more productive in terms of creating harmony. Go against all limitations; create a happy, positive, light-filled aura. The outcome will be more than expected. Work on the honor system—your honor.

CAPRICORN: Your communication always creates harmony and happiness. It’s good to dream a bit about big impossible things, be in the forest, consider God and the heavens, devas and stars. It’s good to consider what magic would allow all problems to disappear. Spread your wings a bit more, and seriously consider any visions you may have. Something lets you soar above the world and everyday life. You’ll return to Earth when your questions are answered.

AQUARIUS: Your focus on money is correct in terms of the future. Assess it, gather it, safeguard it, and put it away for later use. Offer your gifts in exchange for what you need, and realize the value of your potential. Daily routines will change and be rearranged. Your vitality (life force) is in fast-forward. A bit of slowdown is needed for equilibrium. You’re a good-to-excellent sport! Ask the devas for all that you need.

PISCES: Walking along the precipice of reality, not remembering yesterday, not seeing tomorrow, you summon the faith that there is indeed a path to walk upon, although you know it’s invisible. Some Pisces may receive spiritual messages. Some will enter a business partnership. There will be a need to move forward soon (after years of un-knowing). The forest becomes the trees of opportunity. Keep dreaming, Pisces.


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