.Blossom’s Farm Store and Coffee Shop Offers More Than Sustainable Cafe Drinks

Jade Barth started visiting Blossom’s Farm Store and Coffee Shop as a customer. Shortly after moving close to the Corralitos location, she bumped into the owners at another coffee shop in town where she expressed interest in working for them. An hour later, she was hired. It was fate. Barth has been Blossom’s staffing lead for four months. Her passion is evident.
In addition to straightforward café drinks and fresh bread, bagels, tarts and scratch-made soups, Blossom’s does fermenting; they make kimchi, sauerkraut and kvass all in-house. Everything is local and organic. They also do apothecary (more on that below). Their mission says it all: healing with a focus on sustainability and biodynamic farming. Blossom’s is open 8am-5pm Monday-Saturday, and 9am-4pm Sunday. Barth riffed recently with GT about apothecary and the spot’s aesthetic.   

Tell me about the apothecary.
JADE BARTH: Throughout the week, the owners bring different ingredients from their farm that our staff uses to produce our apothecary items, such as tinctures, salves and digestive bitters. Everything is made in-house, and all of our recipes are cultivated from the owner’s knowledge of herbal remedies. These items are designed to help with internal and external ailments, all while providing a 100% natural way to work with the body and address the root causes of these ailments.

What makes Blossom’s so comforting?
Every nook and cranny of the store has all been thoughtfully decorated. From the lighting to the artwork on the walls and even the items themselves are all artfully arranged. It all contributes to the feeling of the space. I’m greatly affected by my physical surroundings and often find myself tiring of spaces quickly. But at Blossom’s, I feel comfort and love for the space, enjoy spending a lot of time there and plan on being there for a long time. I also feel at home with my co-workers, really supported and seen by the owners and appreciated for the work that I do.

2904 Freedom Boulevard, Corralitos. 831-319-4048; blossomsfarm.com.


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