.Capricorn—‘I Have Been to the Mountaintop’: Risa’s Stars Jan. 16-22

We are in our last days of Capricorn Sun. On Sunday, the sun enters Aquarius, and nine hours later we have the Aquarius solar festival full-moon lunar eclipse. Something in form and matter, having completed its work, falls away. It’s no longer useful to us. Something new and vital takes its place. Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He was a Capricorn with the famous Capricorn words, “I have been to the mountaintop!”

Capricorn, enigmatic and mysterious, is the sign of the mountaintop experience, where the crocodile becomes the goat becomes the unicorn “lost in the Light Supernal.” Capricorn marks the gradual transformation from the “dark time” to the “light time of the year.” Capricorn’s new rays of the sun represent the “rising of the Spirit” for humanity. At dawn, special rays bestow their light upon Earth’s kingdoms. If we could see the dawn’s light etherically, we would see celestial beings (Devas) flowing into the Earth, ministering to humanity and the kingdoms. The same occurs at sunset. These beings help us build clear, focused, intelligent minds. When we communicate with them, veils that have settled all around us, obscuring our essential divine selves, loosen and fall away.

Ancient teachers suggest that at dawn and dusk we visualize within our hearts an orange, five-pointed star surrounded by deep indigo blue. It is the soul star, the star of Bethlehem that guided the three kings. We learn of these things in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn’s symbol represents the face of the ibex and body of the crocodile (Makara in Sanskrit). Capricorn’s symbol is also (almost) the signature of God.

ARIES: You’re exploring profoundly what your right work in the world may be, what you are to do that will serve the upliftment of civilization and bring you to the recognition and support needed so that others follow. Keep the internal inquiry going. There are no answers yet, not for months. They depend upon your ability to focus on the questions.

TAURUS: New ideas, concepts, school, study, traveling, the art of archery, horseback riding or horse husbandry, publishing, and studying ancient philosophies may catch your attention. Someone, somewhere recognizes your qualities, calls you to leadership. Listening is your best way of being attentive. Giving high spiritual philosophical answers will not be heard.

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GEMINI: There is a focus on money and investments, and in this critical time of change and monetary reorientation, I want to suggest how you can keep abreast of the financial times and learn the truth of financial matters.

CANCER: Relationships this month will be on your mind–all types, levels of closeness, friendships and intimacies. It’s good to review how you are in relationships, if you are attentive, caring and sharing. Or are you focused upon yourself primarily? Adding forgiveness (of self and others) to your list of daily tasks would liberate your heart for further love encounters.

LEO: We continue to focus on your work in the world and the environments you find yourself in. Something shifts in your profession, some discipline or rule or structure or timing causing a period of fine-tuning to occur. During this time, strengthen your support for others, align with them. This will insure your success should you suddenly be in charge of everything and everyone. Blend your Ray 1 (will) with Ray 2 (love/wisdom). You educate people.

VIRGO: You must begin to rest, relax and lounge about a bit more, think of ways to create a bit of a respite, pleasure, fun and perhaps a bit of romance (there are many kinds). Plan each week to attend musical or film events, stroll downtown with friends, have lunches and small dinners, little parties, tête-à-têtes, perhaps a small salon. Art is most important. Name your favorite (artist).

LIBRA: These are times of reconciliation, reunions, understanding leading to rapprochement—of kindness, consideration, and thoughtful and perceptive realization that each of us (including you) is a character playing their part. Everyone’s doing their very best and everyone’s on their path toward a more enlightened way of being. Is there some sort of suffering or sadness in your life at this time? We will pray with you.

SCORPIO: You’re edgy, agitated, restive, restless with somewhat anxious feelings, including wanting to go anywhere that is not here. However, there’s nowhere to go. The planets are creating a stellium (gathering) of impatience and over-sensitivity. All you can do is make mental visits to the past—to people, events, ideas, work. Forgive everything. Who from the past needs to be contacted? Who needs forgiveness?

SAGITTARIUS: I suggest a financial investor and information on finances because most of the planets are influencing your money, finances and resources, seeking to transform how you’ve handled yourself in these areas. Are you generous or challenged to be generous? Do you maintain a budget and balance monetary ins and outs? What are your worries regarding money?

CAPRICORN: Every once in a while, others truly notice us, offering compliments, recognition, praise for jobs well done, for our help, presence and nurturing. They notice the care we take with how we appear in the world. You may be asked to lead a function that magnetizes people to a group or endeavor you’re a part of. You’re the best for this position. Radiate goodwill to everyone and help others recognize they have courage.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians, after they’ve built their personality (self-development, self-focus, a needed developmental stage for everyone) eventually begin to look outward, to humanity and its needs, and they see humanity is suffering. Aquarians then begin to to serve. Is it that time for you—to help others, seeing their needs, offering support and resources, time and money, care and attention? You too become one who receives.

PISCES: It’s important to be part of a group and not to be isolated. You need a balance of being in retreat and being social. Being social is sometimes difficult. You sense a depth of spirituality and the soul within others. You recognize how everyone is always in service and how love underlies the happenings of the times and all events. Love happens to be the nature of Pisces. A group calls to you to serve, to lead, to teach, to illumine. What will you do?


  1. You are an outstanding writer!The way you connect astrology to the real world is enlightening. Thank you for the gifts you have given to our community for so many years, I hope we will continue to receive your gifts for years to come.


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