.County Health Officer Says Improper Face Mask Use Was ‘Inadvertent’

Now that wearing a mask is legally required in local businesses, social media types have been quick to remind anyone and everyone that it is best practice to cover both your mouth and your nose with your face mask.

During a livestreamed session press availability with Santa Cruz County Health leaders this past Thursday, Facebook commenters accused Deputy Health Officer Dr. David Ghilarducci of setting a bad example by not covering his nose with his mask. 

“You’re wearing your mask incorrectly,” wrote one.

“Is this doctor showing us how to wear a mask?” asked another.

Also at a separate window of press availability three weeks earlier, Ghilarducci could be seen repeatedly touching his eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Public health guidelines advise that no one touch their face with unwashed hands. Ghilarducci tells GT via email, “Both situations were inadvertent and certainly didn’t intend to set a bad example.” As for the mask, county spokesperson Jason Hoppin blames himself for not effectively signaling to Ghilarducci that his mask wasn’t all the way up this past Thursday.

The spread of the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 has slowed dramatically in Santa Cruz County. According to data on Santa Cruz County’s website, there have been 146 cases of the disease in Santa Cruz County, as of Tuesday morning. Two have died, and 114 have recovered.


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