.Covid-19 Surge at County’s Main Jail

A total of 55 inmates and seven guards at Santa Cruz County Main Jail have tested positive for Covid-19, Sheriff’s spokeswoman Ashley Keehn announced Thursday.

None of the cases have resulted in serious illness or hospitalizations, and a majority are asymptomatic or experiencing mild symptoms.

“During this surge, we are doing everything in our power to mitigate further spread,” , Keehn stated in a press release. 

The jail is holding weekly vaccine clinics for inmates and staff, and anyone being booked into the jail is tested and quarantined before being housed.

Staff is also taking extensive cleaning precautions, and guards go through testing protocols and wear N95 masks for the entirety of their shifts, Keehn said.

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The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to work closely with Santa Cruz Public Health to help mitigate further spread.


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