.Crab, Scarab, Tortoise, Cherubim

We are in the month and sign of Cancer. Looking around our world, we might see images that pertain to Cancer; crab, scarab, tortoise, gates, waters, mother with child, angels (the Cherubim who protect mothers and children). There are always three levels to everything in our world: personality, Soul and Spirit.
On the personality-building level, Cancer is about mother, birth, family, nurturing and nourishment of all life. On the Soul level, Cancer is about developing the mind (lower and higher) and intelligently working in harmony and Right Relations with all Earth’s kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human). These are the foundations upon which the new culture and civilization, the Aquarian new world, is created.
Because Cancer is the sign of humanity (the masses, ruled by the moon) and the sign where Spirit (new ideas) enters matter (the “gate in”), during the month of Cancer we ponder upon world events as they affect the people of the Earth. We also prepare for the coming seasons, autumn and winter.
With Sun, Moon Mercury and Venus in Cancer, we find we are imitating the crab. We’re in and out of water.  We retreat into the salty brine, but cannot survive there. We’re deeply sensitive, feeling intensely the world’s psychic currents. Unconsciously, we seek our mother’s womb (collective waters of life). Yet greater is the urge to cultivate our personal, individual self. We hear ourselves saying repeatedly, “I want, I need,” feeling hunger on many levels. We swim, glide and dance, part of the Family of Man (Sanskrit for the “thinking ones”). The moon rules us (at first). Then Neptune, with his trident.

ARIES: The sign Cancer focuses Aries on home and family—past, present and future. You are to build a lighted house wherever you live. A spiritually oriented house filled with light and love, creating a new environment. Assume kitchen duties, nurturing others through food. Aries works fast in the kitchen or interest and energy are lost. Don’t give up. Make contact with family far away. Build, tend to or fix a gate.
TAURUS: You have family memories, especially of mother. Memories help us better understand and appreciate our origins. Although still influenced by childhood patterns (we all are), a new sense of self-liberation is also occurring. You may find yourself in a car driving somewhere far away, seeking a new natural and balanced way of life. Keep driving.
GEMINI: Are you pondering upon finances? New ideas appear on how to use resources wisely and for a future goal. Create an imagination journal. Write down that each day you receive $1,000. That’s $31,000 per month. Each day you must spend $500. What would you spend it on? It’s always good, with money, to tithe first. With so much suffering in the world today, where would you tithe?
CANCER: Cancer always seeks to expand self-identity. What would expand your self-awareness, self-identity and self-esteem? Do you need new clothes, shoes, a new style? Does daily life need plans reorganized, initiating a new phase of life? When environments are ordered a new fertile field appears, and Spirit enters matter more easily. During this month a gate opens. Plant happy flowers. Happy Birthday.
LEO: You may have been in a sort of solitude. Gradually you realize your need for closer contacts, communication and love in your life. A seed is being planted concerning goodwill toward others, something that’s in your heart but not always in your actions. Sometimes you’re shy. Allow yourself a little phase of moodiness and non-discipline. Then be willing to activate love/wisdom.
VIRGO: Have new ideas been impressing your mind with new possibilities? Remember to balance your mind’s activity with physical activity. After daily walks looking at gardens, consider a change of appearance—clothes, hair, shoes. Inner and outer apparel. Find the finest, best-made and most comfortable. This is a part of your new, well-dressed creative self.
LIBRA: There’s so much to do behind the scenes. Each day, accomplish one task at a time. Eventually everything will be completed, and you will feel the pride of accomplishment. You’re so busy that travel may be an unavailable luxury. However, should you take to the road, share information—take photos, write about what you see, experience, discover, like, don’t like. Include parks, people, architecture and foods you eat. Everyone’s interested. You’re interesting.
SCORPIO: Deep within, where no one really sees or understands, you have a perennial question. You wonder where and what your purpose and place are. As you observe others, they seem to know something you don’t (not true). Is there someone in your life who listens deeply? Now is the time to speak with them. It’s a good time to take short trips, absorbing new ideas, towns, people and cities. Instead of you finding the answer, what you are seeking finds you.
SAGITTARIUS: Careful with spending, as you could assume a large debt or overspend very easily. On the other hand, you may finally begin to be more practical concerning how to use money and resources. When you do so, a lifetime-after-lifetime lesson will have been learned. Know at first we stumble and simply overdo things. Then we finally learn how to balance and harmonize all that we have. You’re in between.
CAPRICORN: Do you feel a desire to travel, to expand, to study and learn new things? Your life’s focus is on those close to you. They are your responsibility. And Capricorns are the zodiac’s responsible ones. It’s most important now to offer greater nurturance, kindness and care through practical discipline. Discipline can be given calmly, words spoken over and over. Discipline nurtures. Sometimes others don’t know how to nurture. Well, then, you’re to teach them. One more task toward freedom.
AQUARIUS: Your life is most likely very unusual, with a unique sort of reality and different ways of doing things. You’ve taken the road less traveled, which is courageous to some, but for you, your only choice. While freedom is your priority, friendships offer significant meaning to your life. They’re your resource, and when giving to them, you’re nurtured. It’s good to know and recognize this. Goodness sheds your Aquarian values all over everyone.
PISCES: Ask yourself what plans make the most sense concerning your future care and safety. You will experience new revelations concerning your self -identity and as new needs arise, new realizations concerning how you live will become relevant. In the meantime, you need a daily environment that includes balance and beauty. Create a home journal, and place in it photos of all that you love. Include a garden surrounding a warm natural pool. Surround all your hopes, wishes and dreams with Goodwill.


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