.Dilated Pupil 2018

Dilated Pupil 2018The first time I met David Brissenden, I only knew him by reputation. And that reputation was the Man Who Had Gotten Me Way, Way Too High. So I think I said something like, “Hey man! You got me way, way too high!”

This was sometime last year, after I had eaten admittedly too much of a big, delicious chocolate made by Cosmo D’s Outrageous Edibles. About six hours later, while completely unable to figure out how to reach a glass of water sitting on a desk three feet away from me, I started to understand what was so outrageous about them. But surprisingly, when I ran into Brissenden, he took some of the blame, saying he was still experimenting with his recipes. His stories about the wild road that got him where he is today are strange and hilarious, and you’ll find a lot of them in Lauren Hepler’s interview with him.

Matt O’Brien, the UCSC alumnus who founded the brilliant late-night delivery service Cookie Cruz, has some out-there stories, too, which Georgia Johnson details in her profile. Also in this issue, Christina Waters explains why Cabrillo’s culinary programs are an aspiring chef’s best friend, and Maria Grusauskas explores the retro open road of Santa Cruz’s Westphalia rental fleet. All that, and more student guiding than you can fiat lux at in our student guide!


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