.Discover the Zestful 2021 Shannon Lake County Chardonnay

Sheep help Shannon Family Wines thrive and keep the vineyards sustainable

The folks at Shannon Family Wines have a sense of humor.

“For the most luscious, voluptuous Chardonnay possible, we look to our coldest, most frost-prone Red Hill vineyards, which also happen to be managed by our sheep,” they say. 

Their sustainable farming practices include a “trusty flock of sheep.” These wooly caretakers ensure their vineyards thrive. Many wineries are letting sheep into their vineyards—a natural way to take care of unwanted weeds. One of their wine brands is named “Ovis,” Latin for sheep.

The owner of Shannon Family Wines, Clay Shannon, began his career as a vineyard manager, farming California wine regions. His vision is to grow the best fruit possible while preserving the land for future generations. “With the earth’s climate under threat, we’re using our resources to do something about it,” he says.

The 2021 Clay Shannon Lake County Chardonnay is “generous and charming” and “bursting with pretty aromas of white peach and Bartlett pear that lead to bright citrus and tropical fruit enhanced by rich, toasty vanilla and crème brûlée notes,” says winemaker Shannon.

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The 2021 Clay Shannon Lake County Chardonnay is about $30 and available all over. And if you can find the 2020 Clay Shannon Chardonnay vintage, it’s now selling for about $19. shannonfamilyofwines.com

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