.Does evil exist?

lt maureenUnfortunately, I believe it does. I think when the Universe was created there was no evil. Human beings are greedy, and I think that that’s where evil comes from. I think that religions try to prevent evil, people but they also reinforce it by saying dont be evil or you’ll go to hell. I believe that we have to teach people not to be evil, which is sad.
Maureen Beck
San Diego | Legal Secretary

lt moustafa
Yes. A government that allows its soldiers to kill women, children and the elderly is evil. The American government walks in a dark way, and it’s not good for them or their people. But the American people are nice. I have a lot of friends from there and my best friend is like a brother to me, and he’s American.
Moustafa Hammad
Egypt | Fight Choreographer/Action Director

lt kevin
No, I don’t think evil exists because you can see many awful acts in the world that aren’t related to what people do and that’s just sort of how the world works. I guess as humans we kind of say if there’s evil or good. I’d say that’s just life.
Kevin Harada
Corvalis Oregon | Engineer

lt scottM
I was asked this when I was 14 and I thought maybe just fleas, tics and mosquitos were evil. Now I think it’s only some humans. The greedy ones that profit from war, that exploit men, women and children, people that have too much but can’t stop filling their pockets. Monsanto is a very evil company, I call them Monsatan. The Cheneys, the Rumsfelds, the Mubaraks of the world. Power and greed corrupts. It’s a disease.
Scott Matthews
Traveling | Artist

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lt fakaronni
Yes. Evil must exist because good exists. There has to be an oppposing force for everything—yin and the yang. So it’s a balancing act. In order for something to be evil there must be good, and vice versa as a comparison.
Fakaronni Ronny
Willits | Musician


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