.Does UCSC do enough for the community?

lt-caitlinAs a UCSC student, I think it does a lot for the community, from working with the Homeless Garden Project to students volunteering in schools around town.

Caitlin Mannix, Santa Cruz, Student/Waitress



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lt-fergusNo. Just by comparison, UC Santa Cruz doesn’t integrate with the town anywhere near as much as a lot of other places.

Fergus Ferrier, Santa Cruz, Teacher


lt-BethI think UCSC is a tremendous asset for the community in many ways, and like any of us it could probably do more.

Rev. Beth Love, Santa Cruz, Minister





lt-mikeNo. If they had stopped at 10,000 to 12,000 students, it would have benefited the community, school and students—and housing wouldn’t be overpriced.

Mike McKee, Santa Cruz, Sculptor


lt-jinxI wish they still had Shakespeare Santa Cruz up there. That would be a fundamental contribution to the community.

Jinx Deruisa, Santa Cruz, Retired


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