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The Message of Wesak—a Seven Day Festival


The Wesak Festival (May 10), the Taurus solar festival at the time of the full moon, is actually seven days long. It is a time of the greatest spiritual opportunity of the year for humanity. For Buddhists, Wesak marks the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha. In the Ageless Wisdom teachings, the Wesak festival is a living actual event, when a blessing from the Father is distributed to Earth by the Buddha. This blessing results in an extraordinary inflow of Life, Will and Spiritual stimulation, vitalizing Goodwill in all people everywhere. Accompanying the Buddha are the Forces of Enlightenment dispensing the Wisdom humanity seeks.


Legend speaks of Wesak (holy waters) as a sacred ceremony in the Himalayas in which the Buddha, the Christ and enlightened beings of all faiths gather, receive, hold and radiate a special blessing to the world. As we all link with this event, a great Light is created on the Earth that uplifts all the kingdoms to the Kingdom of Beauty.

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“ … at the Wesak Festival the Buddha returns to Earth to bless and convey the message of Wisdom, Light and Love to humanity. The Buddha comes from the very Heart of Deity, God the Father (Shamballa). The Buddha’s blessing at Wesak is the outer evidence and guarantee of inner divine guidance and revelation in this present world cycle of suffering and crisis. Year after year the Buddha returns for a brief eight minutes. He reminds us that God exists and loves us; that He is not unmindful of His people; that the heart of the universe is compassion and that we are not alone.” – Alice A. Bailey

ARIES: In these special and sacred days, tend to all promises, follow all rules, act like a Taurus (which may feel a bit restrictive) and make sure that no aversion or opposition colors your attitude and ways of being with others. Honor is most important, and one progresses more easily when the virtues of patience, understanding and grace are cultivated. Like a garden of graces.


TAURUS: Your energy is up and down, high and low, there and not there. Your responsibilities, however, remain, and each day more and more appear. You would rather turn away, find friends to chat with, take short trips to the bank and back, garden, and either envision or research all that’s needed for the future. When responsibilities and the need for freedom collide, it’s best to simply focus on goals. Or garden. Then you can continue to dream.


GEMINI: Heavens! There are two distinctly polarized situations occurring. One keeps you behind the scenes and the other out in the world where all your values can be seen. So you talk about them because they define you. However, you’re also pulled into quietude and silence, a sort of repose before the storm of new Gemini energy coming. Perhaps it’s a lot of praise. Or a move. Or a revelation.


CANCER: You consider your resources and wonder if they need redirecting and you wonder if you’re using them efficiently for both long and short term needs and then family needs crop up and you worry and fret and don’t sleep nights and the past reappears and you’re hurting sometimes and sometimes need help. It’s hard to ask for help. And hard to trust it will come. But ask. It will.


LEO: Each day more clarity about work and purpose and resources occurs and each day you feel more courage to pursue unusual goals, to fight for what’s right, to realize that a values shift is taking place in your life and this shift may create a future you only hoped for. Your hopes are calling up all the hidden dreams and wishes you’ve ever had. They ask you to follow and open your heart of 12 petals.


VIRGO: The past years have been perplexing, puzzling, demanding and challenging. There’s been a shifting of structures, a sense of being captured by a taskmaster giving you many responsibilities to tend to. After all responsibilities are completed and lessons learned you will feel freedom and relief from the taxing demands and tests You should quietly celebrate. And tend now to that new state of awareness growing within.


LIBRA: A more strict and sober view of life is quietly taking hold of your thoughts and feelings. This is good. However, it could feel restrictive. Simply consider it as another step in growing up, being responsible, learning how to tend to the demands of life and how to act with more grace and refinement. There’s a struggle for balance, a struggle to be heard and understood. There is no compromise. Be strong and call forth daring, valor and courage.


SCORPIO: You had obligations and responsibilities. Then your dreams came and nestled amid your obligations. And you had to choose. And then relationship issues (questions?) cropped up and you had more than you could handle. Something is changing you. It’s pushing you to break the mold and all previous patterned ways of being. Follow this urging. It’s a call from your future compelling you onward. Don’t resist.


SAGITTARIUS: Tremendous work was called for this month and it will continue. If you take each day and work slowly through it (like a Taurus), then you will come to the end of each day with feelings of great success and pride of accomplishment. First the Dweller then the Angel of the Presence contacts you. Tend to resources (you as resource) and money very carefully. Be prepared, after a small respite, for new creative endeavors to appear. Rest now.


CAPRICORN: Your creative force can be found in the garden, woods, fields and meadows. It can be found with hands in the Earth, growing plants with deep roots, and building a pantry filled with sweet and savory edibles. These comforts will safeguard you in the times to come. Are you called to be out and about and present something to the world? You work hard for all that you have. There’s so much good around you to be passionate about.


AQUARIUS: The focus is on communication, how and with whom. It’s also on short distance travels, here and there. And siblings. And how you learn. Are many people in your life seeking your attention? Do you feel a bit jittery and unsure, then both delighted and confused (wondering about the future)? Don’t be unkind to those who disagree or think at a different pace than you. You want both beauty and security with all interactions and relationships.


PISCES: You are being urged into a new state of independence. Know that you are fully capable and have the essential qualities and gifts to rely upon yourself, to move forward into your future and make correct decisions based upon your needs and no longer the needs of others (which Pisces looks to first). Courage is presenting itself. Wear it like a shawl, a mantle and a crown.



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