.Food & Drink Magazine 2017

Food & Drink Magazine 2017 coverIn this issue of Food & Drink magazine, we’re on a spicy kick. First, Christina Waters looks at how Mexican specialties are all the rage at upscale restaurants locally. It’s interesting not only in the way it expands the definition of Mexican cuisine in a taqueria-rich dining scene, but also because, in some cases, chef talents like Gema Cruz of Gabriella Cafe are getting an outlet to explore their heritage. Cruz grew up cooking with her grandmother in Oaxaca, and now Gabriella is hosting a special night each week that features dishes from the region.

Nicely complementing Christina’s piece is Maria Grusauskas’ exploration of spice, and how it affects our dining experience. The O.G. Santa Cruz spice meister, Jozseph Schultz, offers the kind of insight on the subject that we’ve come to expect from him over his many years running India Joze.

Lest ye think that we are only living up to half of our name, check out our stories on the best new wine releases, and the age-old question of whether beer belongs in a can. Cheers!



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