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Grab a slice at The Slice Project

Four years ago, Watsonville native Brando Sencion was working at a non-profit and brewing beer at home. When he and his brother, Kristian, who had been working in restaurants for over a decade, would hang out and talk, the idea of opening their own pizza and beer spot kept coming up.

Then words turned into actions, they worked on their baking skills and found a location. But before opening, they decided to make a pizza pilgrimage to the Big Apple to sample and become inspired by the best pies that the city had to offer. Upon returning home, they opened The Slice Project which Brando says has a classic neighborhood pizzeria vibe, with no-frills counter service set amidst a clean and modern ambiance.

They have on-site dining and takeout, and are open Monday-Thursday 12-8pm, Friday 12-9pm and Saturday 2-9pm (closed Sunday). Their New York-style pizzas are 19-inch thin-crust with classic tomato sauce base, headlined by the best-selling Pepperoni, Pineapple Express and the Supreme. They also offer a white sauce version with cheese and lemon zest, as well as Detroit-style pizzas cooked in a square pan with a thicker crust and caramelized crispy edges.

Give me the skinny on your signature thin-crust pie?

BRANDO SENCION: My brother and I pay homage to the best New York pizza that we could find. Before starting the business, we traveled to New York to try out different pizzerias. We brought that inspiration home, taking the best parts of the pizzas we tried and incorporating them into our own recipes. We are happy to be able to offer our version of New York pizza to our community.

Tell me more about the Detroit-style?

BS: The Detroit is a pizza that my brother and I first tried in San Francisco. The first time I had it, I fell in love and told my brother that we had to put this on our menu. The cheesy crust edges on the pie paired against the texture of the soft dough really blew my mind and convinced me that it was both really good and really different. It has become a classic and popular option on our menu, and guests often remark that it is truly addicting.

300 Main Street, Watsonville, 831-319-4851; sliceprojectpizza.com


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