When DNA told me he wanted to write about what he described simply as “the indie wrestling scene in Santa Cruz,” I only had a couple of questions: 1) “What?” and 2) “No, really, what?”
As he explained, I noticed Santa Cruz’s go-to comedy guy getting that look. You know the one I’m talking about, where somebody knows way too much about something than can possibly be good for them, and somebody else is letting them talk about it?
Yeah, I’m all about that look. I think one of the best things we can do here at GT is get deep into Santa Cruz’s subcultures, and DNA does that in his cover story this week.
The stage personas, if you will, of the players in the indie wrestling scene may be a hoot, but it’s the personal stories behind those larger-than-life performances that are the core of the story, and they’re surprising and even touching. Who knew we could be moved by grown men and women in tights?


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Coffee Boil
Re: “Good Idea,” 3/16): Does the Good Times have a “blame the Jews” mindset? Based on your little blurb about the changes being discussed regarding the Stevenson Café at UCSC, it is all about the need for remodeling for “Jewish” food, whatever that is. I have had Indian Jewish food, Moroccan and Tunisian Jewish food, Yemenite Jewish food, as well as European Jewish food. None of that requires remodeling. What may require modifications is introducing kosher food. However, the plan is to introduce both kosher food and halal food so that both devout Jews and Muslims can dine on campus and still observe their traditions. Why was the reference to halal food not mentioned? Are you afraid of being accused of being “Islamophobic” or is it just easier to blame the Jews for this alleged controversy? There are also financial issues involved as the coffee house had often lost money. Is it too much for you to get the story right?
I am an alum of Stevenson, although before the coffee house was built. I hope that the parties involved can resolve the differences, because the Stevenson Coffee House is an asset to the campus. Having a place that can accommodate a diverse student body should not be trivialized.
Gil Stein
I do not think “Good Idea” means what you think it means. — Editor

Strategy vs. Treachery
Re: “Posner Undisclosed,” (GT, 3/9): Deception is the privilege of the politically correct. When “we” do it, it’s strategy, when “they” do it, it’s treachery. So “Take The Pledge! Support Progressive Candidates!” Nail the Koch Brothers operatives while looking the other way at scoundrels in PC masks.
I hold Santa Cruz “progressives” in contempt for their long-standing posturing to justify petty power over principle. The great hypocrisy of “progressives” is they consider their stance on national and international issues sufficient cover to dismiss their cowardly double standard locally.
If it’s beyond the local application of values firewall, these self-righteous “progressives” will shout out approval or disapproval. This is particularly acute with issues of abuse of power. Locally, they are silent. Beyond the local application of values firewall, where it takes no real courage to stand up, they launch protest campaigns, bloviate endlessly and devise bogus awards for each other to keep the spin going.
Bob Lamonica
Santa Cruz

Online Comments
Re: No Place to Call Home
I’m amazed at all the people who feel entitled to have affordable housing in Santa Cruz. Most of the homeowners in this town sacrificed for years, working long hours, commuting, etc. in order to live in this special place. What is happening to rents and home prices is not due to any conspiracy by landlords, it is simply the result of supply and demand. I would love to live in Beverly Hills, I simply cannot afford to. If many of you would quit complaining and work hard and sacrifice, you could probably afford to live here. If you cannot afford to live here, no one is obligated to finance your lifestyle.
— Stephen W. Rohrer
Re: No Place to Call Home
If the greedy property owners and realtors around here keep driving out the heart and soul of Santa Cruz, nobody is going to want to live here. It’s so overrun by crime right now, I’m uprooting my successful business and moving. You can take your $700,000 condos and keep them. By the way, pray the drought ends before the bottom falls out from your blatantly inflated market. RIP, Santa Cruz.
—   Consultant

secure document shredding

Last week’s dining subhead erroneously stated that the new East End Gastropub is in Seabright. The correct location is 1501 41st Ave., St. 1, Capitola. We regret the error.


Submit to ph****@go*******.sc. Include information (location, etc.) and your name. Photos may be cropped. Preferably, photos should be 4 inches by 4 inches and minimum 250dpi.


Akira Thompson, who graduated from UCSC’s engineering master’s program last year, developed a videogame that leaves some players unable to see their world the same way again. &maybetheywontkillyou puts players in the shoes of an inner-city African-American, forcing them to make tough choices about everyday tasks, like going to the store. Based on their choices, the player might end up humiliated or even killed.


Local artist Wendy Ballen recently got recognized by none other than Mad magazine. Ballen, a metalworker, crafted a wire dog reading a copy of Mad over a wastebasket. The picture appeared in Mad’s April issue. Above the photo, the publication ran a letter from Ballen, also a tai chi teacher, about why she loves the mag and what it means to her family.


“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.”

-Marcus Aurelius


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