.Is Edward Snowden a patriot or a traitor?

lt leahHe’s a patriot. Anyone who stands up for the rights that we stand for as a country, that is real democracy. That would be in my book—somebody who is a patriot.

Leah Weiss
Santa Cruz | Therapist


lt ronI’d say Edward Snowden was acting out of conscience, though he may have been slightly misdirected in some ways. I would call him closer to a hero and a patriot and not a treasonous character.

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Ron Dunn
Santa Cruz | Teacher


The truth is always right, so he’s a patriot of the world, and of honesty and transparency.

lt gretchinGretchen Bach
Santa Cruz | Real Estate Agent


I wouldn’t call him a patriot or a traitor. Though I’m in support of what he’s done, I think he’s embarrassed the government, so they’re trying to make him look like a traitor. Then again the government is trying to protect us, that is their main goal, however they are invading our privacy. He (Snowden) was hired to do a job he was entrusted to do. The American public can’t know everything. If we did, there would be mass hysteria and panic. So certain things we are protected against with the information we are or are not given. On a whole I guess I see him more as a patriot than a traitor.

lt julieJulie Levinson
Santa Cruz | Private Chef


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