.LatinXperiencia at Cabrillo Gallery

Next up, an annual exhibition's open call for entries

Cabrillo Gallery, on the Aptos campus of Cabrillo College, has begun its groundbreaking LatinXperiencia series with an exhibition showcasing the artistic brilliance of Victor Cartagena and Enrique Chagoya. Based in San Francisco, with international exhibition experience, they are influential figures in the art world.

The duo’s entertaining, thought-provoking, and widely acclaimed artwork delves into pressing social, political, and cultural issues, with each employing a distinctive approach.

Victor Cartagena’s creations serve as a response to his many life experiences–as an immigrant, citizen, and observer. His mixed media artworks, comprised of photographic imagery, objects, videos, and paintings, intricately weave together narratives of displacement, exile, and migration. Through his art, Cartagena captures the essence of immigrant struggles and historical legacies, offering a poignant portrayal of the human condition.

In contrast, Enrique Chagoya employs humor and satire to dissect complex issues such as colonialism, xenophobia, and identity. Drawing inspiration from pop culture, pre-Columbian mythology, and political history, his prints and paintings challenge common myths and misconceptions about immigrants and indigenous cultures. With biting wit, Chagoya exposes societal biases and sheds light on the social, racial, and economic disparities rooted in these prejudices.

Cartagena, the Visual Arts Instructor and founder of the Printmaking Department at Creativity Explored, and Chagoya, a Full Professor at Stanford University’s department of Art and Art History,

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This exhibition marks the inaugural installment of LatinXperiencia, a recurring series of annual exhibitions and programs dedicated to showcasing the talent of LatinX artists. Through their diverse artworks, these exhibitions aim to facilitate cross-cultural dialogues, foster interdisciplinary connections, and encourage meaningful conversations. LatinXperiencia aims to demonstrate the power of art in challenging societal norms while promoting inclusivity.

LatinXperiencia: Victor Cartagena and Enrique Chagoya

October 2 – October 27, 2023

Mon–Fri 9am–4pm
Wed and Thurs evenings 6:00-8:00pm

12×12 Call For Entries!

Cabrillo Gallery has announced the return of its highly anticipated annual event, the 12 x 12 Open Invitational, an inclusive exhibition that offers a unique opportunity for individuals to present their artistic visions through various disciplines and media.

The gallery invites artists across California to submit their work for this remarkable fundraising event.

All entries meeting the specifications of 12″ x 12″ in size (and no more than 12″ deep), as well as adhering to the rules of entry, will be accepted. This initiative ensures a level playing field and encourages participation from artists of all backgrounds.

The 12 x 12 Open Invitational serves as an invaluable fundraiser for Cabrillo Gallery. By participating in this event, every artist contributes to our gallery’s ongoing financial support.

In addition to the opportunity to showcase their artistic talent, participating artists will have the chance to vie for three awards, which will be selected through a popular vote. This engaging process invites visitors and art enthusiasts to actively engage with the exhibition and have a say in recognizing outstanding artistic achievements.

To learn more about the submission guidelines, read more and download the prospectus at the Gallery webpage.


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