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How many times have you gone to the beach and thought, “I could totally go for a hot dog right now,” but there’s nowhere to get one? How about all those times you forgot a towel and sunscreen? If you’re at the beach in Capitola, these are two concerns you can kiss goodbye. Left Coast Sausage Worx is the latest place to grab a bite in Capitola Village, and they sell a variety of hot dogs and sausages (using local ingredients), and, come summer, they’ll even sell beach supplies. Josh Fisher (who co-owns with Scott McDonald) tells us about their dogs, and their Sasquatch Challenge.
Tell me about the menu item ‘Left Coast Connection.’
JOSH FISHER: That is one of my random creations. You can use the regular-sized hot dog, or a foot-long or sausage from Corralitos Market. Then you have our secret sauce. The only ingredient that I can tell you is in there is a crema sauce, like a Mexican sour cream. Then we use avocado for a guacamole as well as Doritos ranch chips and bacon bits—not fake, it’s real bacon.
You have chips in several of your dogs.
Throughout life, Doritos and Fritos and Cheetos, they all tasted good. Throughout the years, we’ve created random food, and adding chips gives it that crunch, and a little flavor that sets it off. Not necessarily everybody does it. If you meet someone that’s never tried chips in their sandwich or hot dog or anything, they can experience it here. I love it.
What’s the Sasquatch challenge?
That’s going to be like a timed thing like Man vs. Food, where it’s going to be extremely hot, and you have to sign a waiver to do it. We’ll have an extra-hot hot link, along with crazy pepper sauce. We’re still working on it. We’ll have it ready by summer. We’re trying to figure out the appropriate amount of time. We’re thinking three minutes to eat the whole thing. You’ll have a little container of milk that if you drink, you forfeit. It’s a good-sized sausage from Corralitos Meat Market. The main thing is that it itself will be hot, as well as peppers and everything. It’ll be insane. It’s a little bit of self-torture, but hot foods are fantastic. If you can do it, you win a free T-shirt and sticker, so that’s also pretty cool.
Do you really sell towels and sun tan lotion?
This summer I plan on having some towels. We’re thinking really basic, like “oh I forgot something. I’m getting a hot dog, and I need a towel, and some sunscreen, and lip balm,” or something like that. Just some basics. And we should have some clothing soon, some T-shirts with a couple of different logos, probably some hats as well.

107 San Jose Ave., Capitola, 295-1194.


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