.Letter to the Editor: Alien Perspectives

We usually want a visitor from Mars for perspective, but in our case, Finland would be more appropriate since they don’t let people camp next to highways and they find that it’s more humane and actually cheaper to build public housing and treatment centers and conserve those who don’t seem to be able to care for themselves.

They would also be impressed with the available land a few miles from downtown for managed campgrounds while the housing is built. 

They would also be astounded that we are contemplating a hundred million dollar parking structure next to underused structures a few blocks away servicing a sea of empty stores bearded by a few dozen “affordable” housing units and a state-of-the-art library in the digital age. A plan that would also eliminate our last event space, but we don’t have events like other coastal towns anyway.

They would probably turn around when they see the River Street sign.

Paul Cocking | Santa Cruz

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