.Letter to the Editor: Bland Leading the Bland

Re: “Scotts Valley Town Center May Need More Homes to Succeed” (goodtimes.sc, 6/11): How did, “civic leaders want to manifest into something to serve locals, attract visitors and inject more life into the community” become: “‘This is not going to be a retail Town Center,’ Gibbs said, pointing to banks’ skittish attitude toward commercial projects in the online era”?

Why are we letting banks and “urban planners” determine what our communities should look like? Scotts Valley once had personality. Scotts Valley once had Santa’s Village, Lost World and the Tree Circus. Now we have leaders with no vision trying to turn it into a miniature version of San Jose. The bland leading the bland.

Just a couple of years ago, a similar project failed. The “Town Green” was proposed to replace the green land with concentrated condos high enough to blot out views of our beautiful redwood hills. Why are we doing this again?

If we truly wish to “serve locals, attract visitors and inject more life into the community” here are some suggestions: large open-air theatre for outdoor plays; planetarium; art, history or science museum; climbing wall; arboretum or nature walk; skate rink or other recreation center.

Bob Kohlenberger | Scotts Valley

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