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A letter to the editor of Good Times

Raíces y Cariño (RC Fam) is a multicultural family community collective providing direct support for all families and family members, from babies to elders.
RC Fam provides a safe space for many, including the farmworker communities in south Santa Cruz County, Watsonville and Pajaro. They have been spearheading donation distributions following the recent flooding. The flooding has left so many with NOTHING. Our farmworker communities are highly vulnerable. They feed our country. We need to support them. Essential work! We want to spread this information to spark awareness and empathy. RC Fam needs volunteers—predominantly bilingual volunteers. rcfam.com

—Georgia Crowley

Neighborhood Courts is a restorative justice-based program that supports stronger and safer communities by helping those who have caused harm to better understand the impacts of their actions, take responsibility and to work to repair the damage done. It also supports those impacted or harmed by crime and wrongdoing to have a choice and voice in how the situation should be addressed and to get their needs met. We are actively recruiting volunteers. datinternet.co.santa-cruz.ca.us/home/neighborhoodcourts.aspx

—Dany Torres, Neighborhood Courts Program Coordinator


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