.Letter to the Editor: Concerns Not Addressed

I was very disappointed by Jacob Pierce’s article “Will Coastal Commission Block Affordable Housing in Santa Cruz?” Jacob focused primarily on the YIMBY response to upcoming Coastal Commission hearings on the Dream Inn expansion and other controversial SC developments. The concerns that many people who support affordable

housing have about these projects, concerns that prompted the Coastal Commission hearings, were barely addressed. Concerns like traffic impacts, building heights, wildlife impacts, and the local citizens who spent long hours and money to bring these concerns to the Commission, were not given any meaningful coverage. Why is that? Is it just poor journalism or a newspaper slant towards developer and YIMBY concerns? Perhaps readers are owed more disclosure about why such a limited perspective was taken on development issues that affect affordable housing but also deeply affect the quality of life for longtime residents.

Russell Weisz | Santa Cruz

Readers looking for further context can check out our extensive coverage of Santa Cruz’s affordable housing issues by searching for the keyword “housing crisis” at goodtimes.sc. I’d recommend in particular Jacob Pierce’s housing series from October, which goes into further depth on many of the developments referenced in the Jan. 27 article. goodtimes.sc/tag/housing-crisis/ — Editor

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