.Letter to the Editor: Cyclists Were Lawless

Re: “Wild Ride” (GT, 8/25): Just read your article about the huge Santa Cruz Ride Out biking event in Santa Cruz Saturday. We don’t appreciate your minimizing the lawlessness and mayhem that this event created in our town. From the top down, from organizers to the participants, this event was a show of disrespect to our town and our citizens. The inability of our law enforcement agencies to stop, contain or even manage and protect our streets exposes our town as a soft target. Litter, aggressive behavior and intimidation was their overall rule of the day. The “Karen” comment directed at anyone that was offended pretty much tells us what their real intentions are in staging the event here.

Kenny Jay

Santa Cruz

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  1. Call a ‘Waaaahmbulance’.
    I can’t help but think that it has a lot to do with entitled Santa Cruzans who were uncomfortable with the make up of the riders (>80% POC). Sure, there were a few bad apples, and there were others who were responding to indignant drivers and ‘locals’ who didn’t like what they saw and were playing games with the riders safety (I witnessed several incidents of drivers who almost killed cyclists intentionally).
    I thought that it was an awe-inspiring display of energy and creativity, even though I was stuck for 15 minutes or so, as thousands of young, old, families of riders passed.
    Get over it and realize that if you live near a public beach, there will be……public visitors.


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