.Letter to the Editor: Farmland Should Be a Priority

A letter to the editor of Good Times

I’m writing in response to the article “Drawing the Line” (GT, 9/14). It is obvious that Francisco “Paco” Estrada is passionate about his point of view. The article, written by Tony Nunez, was extremely biased. He used the words of one person to frame the title and the article. Not everyone agrees with Mr. Estrada’s provocative language. 3000 signatures were collected to put Measure Q to a vote of the people of Watsonville. Readers of the Good Times deserve to hear with equal passion both sides of an issue.

As a Santa Cruz resident, owner and operator of a restaurant, with my husband for the past 24 years, I am concerned about protecting farmland. Our restaurant depends on substantial quantiles of organic produce from farms in and around Watsonville, to provide nourishment for our community. As more farmland is turned into developments, farmland is becoming scarce. Nourishing our citizens should be a top priority.

I chose to drive into Watsonville and collect signatures. I was repeatedly greeted with warmth and enthusiasm from the citizens of Watsonville, eager to add their signature to keep the Urban Limit Line. I am unclear what Mr. Estrada means by, “The needs of the people are not being met. It’s hard to not call out racism in all this.” I heard repeatedly from the lovely people of Watsonville their vocal opposition towards sprawl, more traffic, and their passion to protect farmland.

Carolyn Rudolph

Santa Cruz

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