.Letter to the Editor: From Education to Action

In every reflection shared in Tony Nunez’s “Lessons Learned” (GT, 5/12), I too found lessons I had learned.

For example, while I know the climate is changing, I was interested to learn from UCSC Professor Gary Griggs that the ocean is 30% more acidic than it was a century ago. Professor Griggs also mentioned that the Biden/Harris administration has made responding to climate change a high priority. The target released was to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 50% by 2030. It’s time to take advantage of the opening this administration has created. 

There is a bill in Congress right now (HR 2307) called the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act that will actually accomplish this goal. While it’s not the only thing that needs to be done, it is the best first step—putting a price on carbon where it comes out of the earth, at the well head or the mine would reduce our carbon pollution by 30% in the first five years alone. It’s the single most powerful tool we have. It will also encourage clean energy innovation. It is affordable for ordinary Americans because it puts money in your pocket. The money collected from the fee is given as a monthly dividend or “carbon cash back” payment to every American to spend with no restrictions. And the policy will improve health and save 4.5 million American lives over the next 50 years by reducing the pollution that Americans breathe.

Let’s do this. Call your senators and representatives and encourage them to support HR 2307.

Sue Myers | Santa Cruz

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