.Letter to the Editor: Give Booby Some Space

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Re: “Caught Red-Footed” (goodtimes.sc, 11/12): We were trying to keep the booby on the down-low, or at least its location, as they are often aloof towards humans and this one is no different. Several people have tried to touch it; one person wrapped his arm around it to show everyone how friendly it is. One person allowed their 3-year-old to try to grab it, and if it has bird flu, this is a problem. Please, give the booby some space. It can fly, so we don’t want to rescue it, and they do belong here, contrary to previous articles. There are five established species of booby populations on the Farallon Islands, and this is likely where this one came from. We see them every year. Please stay at least six feet away from the booby, for your health and for the health of the bird. If it looks unwell and is not able to fly, please call us here at Native Animal Rescue at 831-462-0726. 

Amy Redfeather | Santa Cruz

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