.Letter to the Editor: Good Riddance, Regal

A big thanks to the Syufy family under West Wind for taking over the Regal Cinema 9 in downtown Santa Cruz (GT, 3/24).

Regal ruined the place by taking out most of the seats and put in way-too-big cheap recliners, and reduced the seating. Let’s hope under the Syufy West Wind brand they will bring many of the movie treats to the Santa Cruz area that have been missing, like a large curved IMAX screen in their larger space plus 4DX Cinema (movies with in-house effects); also the new Screen X with images shown on the side walls and for the first time in Santa Cruz a kick-ass Dolby Atmos® sound system. West Wind under the Syufy family has saved many of the classic drive-in theatres that they kept before they sold the Century circuit. Let’s hope they can put the outdoor large screen up at the old Skyview Drive Inn that Sutter Health rushed to tear down. Good luck West Wind, and please support our back-open downtown movie multiplex.

Terry Monohan | Felton

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