.Letter to the Editor: Heart a Flutter

The Western Monarch Count has reported the return of over 26,000 Monarchs to the Central Coast, over 10 times the annual count of 2020 of 1,914, an all-time low. 20,000 Monarchs have been counted in Pismo Beach, 250 in Lighthouse Field, 300 in Natural Bridges. Pacific Grove, a private site in Monterey and a site in Ventura each have 1,000-3,000 so far, with reports from other sites coming in.

It has been reported that high winds have blown the Monarchs off their migratory path inland and south, resulting in the high concentration in the Pismo area.

There still is more time for arrivals before the annual Thanksgiving Count.

This is a joyous and very hopeful sign for humanity and the planet. Welcome Monarchs!

Fiona Fairchild

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Santa Cruz

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