.Letter to the Editor: Hold Cyclists Responsible

Re: “Wild Ride” (GT, 8/25): I hope the organizers and sponsors of the Santa Cruz Ride Out are held financially responsible for all law enforcement, municipal waste cleanup and any other damages this “family friendly” event causes in our county. I witnessed the last “ride out” about this time of year in 2019 when this group rode into Jose Avenue Park. It was great to see this group of young people having fun on their ride. The number of riders was impressive! I can only imagine, though, what kind of traffic nightmares were happening on the roadways. But the most disturbing part of this event, as I’m sure the neighborhoods on the Westside experienced, was the sheer amount of trash that was left on the streets, parking lots and anywhere else these people traveled through. It was horrible. This group (as any) needs to be sanctioned by the appropriate county departments. They should have to put down a substantial deposit for any cleanup or damages incurred. Or just tell them to ride somewhere else. 

Linda Sutherland 

Santa Cruz

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