.Letter to the Editor: Hold the Line

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Vote yes on Measure Q because our agricultural lands are in one of the smallest and most unique climate and soil areas on the planet and should never be built on. These soils should be classified as a World Heritage Agricultural Site with their ability to grow a vast array of crops on the coastal level ground in our mild dry summers and cool winters.

Our protected lands could be linked with the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, as the Pajaro Valley shines as a rare locality for land and water resources.

By extending the timeline of the existing Urban Limit Line, Watsonville can concentrate new growth on available vacant sites, without the threat from the deceptive city-based Measure S, which can go after farmland parcels with a single City Council vote.

Defend our past and our heritage by voting to protect our future with a yes vote on Measure Q.

Jerry Thomas

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