.Letter to the Editor: Let Beach Creatures Be

A letter to the editor of Good Times

I am a local resident and walk the Cowell and Boardwalk beaches every morning. There is an increasing number of dogs on the beaches. This morning, I witnessed an off-leash doodle harassing and nipping at an injured bird who had come on to shore to pass. The dog owner could not get the dog away from the bird by demand, and was chasing the dog while it continued to yelp and nip at the bird—who was in quite a flutter, yet helpless. Please dog owners, comply with the no-dogs-allowed city ordinance. Have compassion for the birds, seals, dolphins and other creatures who regularly wash up or come onto shore to pass in peace. The beach is their natural habitat and they have the right to die peacefully without harassment or fear. Thank you.

Nisa Moore

Santa Cruz

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