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A letter to the editor of Good Times

Re: “Measure D-railed” (GT, 6/15): The salient fact remains that if the railway were economically viable, it would already be in use. The RTC acquired a quaint relic that cannot survive in the current world without the endless life support of public funding. The original line was a functioning product of capitalism; it was a response to an existing need that would pay for its development, and maintenance, at a profit. Whatever is in the works now is not that same mechanism. I won’t call it “socialism,” but it is the government attempting to develop the railway and hoping there is sufficient real need afterwards to pay for it. This is not sound investment; this is pure liberal politics masquerading as visionary virtue, like Newsom’s already crumbling and never-to-be-finished bullet train to nowhere. What we have here is simply a mess of abandoned, untenable, liability-generating track the previous owners were savvy enough to unload on the first sucker that came along, the SCRTC.

Bill Kennedy

Ben Lomond

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