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A letter to the editor of Good Times

Re: “A County Divided”: We are the neighbors of Silicon Valley, home of the brains, ingenuity and visionary leadership of the technological world right now. 

Here in our precious and gorgeous coast side land, with a wee bit of delight and real political will, we could install an electric passenger train running on our tracks in just a few years. We could be riding in quiet style and connecting to the larger rail network.

It’s not rocket science. With a clear vision, coupled with our amazing thinkers, leaders and the current technology, all of our needs could be satisfied. The train would be safe, useful, link us to buses, trains, and be adjacent to a lovely pedestrian and bicycle trail. 

We are leaders. This is our opportunity to create a positive future and set an example of how to quickly advance this world into non-fossil fuel transportation. Concern for public welfare, desire to mitigate the climate crisis, and improve the public transportation system all can invigorate us.

I am proud to be a Watsonville resident and applaud our Council members who took a stand. After studying the issue, the City of Watsonville voted unanimously in opposition to the measure D initiative.

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Let’s wow the world. We can have the trail and build a wonderful public transportation system.

Judy Gittelsohn


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  1. Curiously, once again, the train lobby never mentions how we’ll pay for it, or the small number of riders it’s forecast to have. They also don’t mention how long it will take for this amazing project to have any effect on greenhouse gases or climate change. Or how they plan to squeeze a trail and rail onto the same corridor. For instance, if Watsonville ever gets a train, they’ll get no more trail than what’s already built… no room! They get a bike path along West Beach Street and San Andreas. Nice, huh? Oh well, Santa Cruz’s Westside already has their trail…

  2. Someone didn’t do their homework. Rail in a few years? Try 20-25 years. Rail will affect traffic congestion by 2% and nearly nothing on Greenhouse Gas Emissions after many RTC studies. Rail is the most expensive scenario. Maybe that ‘s why someone is so appreciative——-Can’t wait for those government contracts!


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