.Letter to the Editor: Post for Pesticides

Re: “Policy Blowback” (GT, 7/7): Who is better protected if Notices of Intent (NOIs) are posted publicly?

Farmworkers, most likely to be exposed, yet often not informed on what’s being applied nearby.

Agricultural communities—especially the most vulnerable, like pregnant women, babies and children, seniors and those with chronic health conditions—and organic farmers and gardeners who want to protect their crops from drift.

Consumers, who prefer their food poison-free, and also care about the health and safety of those who grow it.

Everyone concerned about the environment, the water, air, and soil, the plants and animals. We need to change the way our food is grown to preserve diversity in our ecosystems and reduce climate change. Let’s make Santa Cruz County a model for these changes! Posting NOIs is a step in that direction. We have the right to know.

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Kathleen Kilpatrick


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