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Re: “Rail Call” (GT, 8/3): What’s been missing from post-election discussions of Measure D is context. Here’s a little perspective, to offset all the specious gloating from the No on D crowd: If there are 167,659 registered voters in Santa Cruz County, and only 78,952 voted, then the “75%,” “landslide,” “tsunami,” “crushing defeat” really amounted to only 33.5% of registered voters. Lest one is tempted to extrapolate this to reflect what the vote might have been if more registered voters turned out, consider this: many if not most people I spoke to during the weeks and months prior to the election were confused and discouraged by the ruthlessly crafted misinformation from No on D. They felt overwhelmed and intimidated, and had decided to either vote no, or not vote on Measure D at all. Given the shamefully low voter turnout, the outcome for Measure D could hardly be called a mandate, regardless of which side won. When the torches and pitchforks show up, demanding obedience, I hope the RTC will keep this context in mind and have the backbone to do what they already know is the right thing, rather than being (excuse the expression) railroaded into a terrible boondoggle.

Dee Vogel | Santa Cruz

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  1. Many people do not know this, but I drafted a Measure for the Nov 2020 election, which got stopped because of Covid. My measure was for people to have the freedom to vote on Greenway or Rail + Trail, and that way they would be forced to decide how they wanted their money spent. Sadly, the voters of this County do not care about how their taxes are spent. The Democrats have taken over this State, and have basically brainwashed their constituents to pick whatever agenda Sacramento politicians, lobbyists, and rail supporters want. People do not realize the power they have. Get rid of your hate for Republicans, because it is clouding your mind. This train idea is completely idiotic, and more of your money is going to go into the toilet. You will not see a train in your lifetime, unless you were just conceiveed, when we could all be hiking and riding bikes or whatever on Greenway. Next time you are asked to vote on a Measure, think real hard on whether this is money well spent or not, that way we will not turn into a 3rd World Country, the way Biden is doing to us now.

  2. third world country? that is what Trumpdump almost succeeded in doing. thank God for all that Biden is doing to REVERSE the trumpdump shame.
    and that includes billions for upgrading AMTRAK ( I am a happy customer), and for our dilapidated and ignored rail system. thanks a lot, measure D proponents.
    take your scam measures and go somewhere else.

  3. Dee, in midterm years usually only 40% come out, so 47% is higher than usual. If you want to reduce the percentage of NO votes to 33%, then you have to do the same to YES votes and admit that less than 14% of registered voters like Greenway.
    Here’s what we know, voters overwhelmingly reject Greenway and Trail Now by a 46% margin, almost 3 to 1.
    That’s more than a landslide (landslide is 15%) so it’s a mandate and clear rejection of their ideas and of their campaign and there surrogates should be ashamed and admit that they are wrong for our future and wrong for the environment, we need rails and we need trails, and we need to give people alternatives to driving in perpetual congestion.


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