.Letter to the Editor: Stop Anti-Semitism

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Hate crimes and bigotry are on the rise in this country, sometimes leading to murder and mayhem. Most of our attention is with crimes against Blacks and Asians and other minorities such as the LGBTQ community. Often forgotten is the increase of anti-semitism in this country and the world. The Santa Cruz City Council recognized this, and passed a strong resolution in its condemnation of Jew hatred and offering its support to the local Jewish community. Resolution NS 29 is a strong commitment to my community and affirmation that hate against Jews is no less egregious than hateful acts against other minorities.  

I urge the city councils of Scotts Valley, Watsonville and Capitola as well as our Board of Supervisors to review and adopt the language of NS 29 so that the entire county can speak with one voice in support of our Jewish community.

Gil Stein


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