.Letter to the Editor: Tree Atrocities

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Trees, the poor sad trees, along segment 9 of the rail trail. Over 400 trees to be removed from the trestle to 17th Ave., 50′ tall trees, wide oaks. I wrote a letter a while back concerned about the blackberries that would have to be destroyed—that was never published. I honestly have an almost impossible time fathoming who would agree to cut down that many trees, except that I’ve seen so many outrageous things already done to this county. 

This is a stretch I’ve grown up walking to and from school, and to friends’ houses and so on. This is atrocious, one of the most horrible things I could imagine. This would be one of the worst things I’ve ever seen happen—and a lot of things have happened. Everyone should see what trees are planned to be cut down, at Save Santa Cruz Trees. There must be an article in the Good Times. This is too much! We can’t let this happen! It’s unbelievable.

Gene Wood, Big Sur

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