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Given that she’s probably retired by now, presumably it doesn’t matter much, if at all, to Ms. Rosewood (Letters, 1/20) that there is no proposed county train station anywhere near the university, making the likelihood of ever taking a train there moot.

But setting that aside, I truly do appreciate her remarks about how much nicer it is to ride in a train than in a bus.  Similarly in my life, I’ve found my stays in Hilton Hotels to be much more enjoyable than my stays in Motel 6s, but like the prospect of train travel in Santa Cruz, I’ve paid a lot more at the Hiltons than at the Motel 6s.  The one significant difference is that for a train in Santa Cruz we will all pay for it whether we ride it or not—or whether we “deserve” it or not—whereas I’m the only one who pays for my choice of hotel.

Nadene Thorne | Santa Cruz

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  1. Sticking with Hilton analogy of a train. We would be getting low end Hilton Homewood Suites accommodations while paying high end Hilton Waldorf Astoria rates


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