.Letter to the Editor: Cold, Hard Proof

Texas’s power generators and infrastructure were not designed to withstand this past week’s freezing temperatures as low as three degrees; resultantly, people are suffering.

Northern Californians did not plan on having to create forest fire evacuation plans back in June of 2020, but they were forced to. The current effects of climate change on our country and our state are cause for grave, urgent concern. As a California resident, I am constantly worried about the safety of myself, my loved ones and my home. Climate change is caused by the carbon emissions produced when we use dirty energy sources, such as oil and fracking. We’re never really conscious of our usage of these energy sources and the way they destroy our environment, but our political leaders are conscious and fully aware of the damage being done.

That is why we need to directly reach out to our California Governor, Gavin Newsom, and request that he have our state switch over to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030. If we don’t make that switch, the grief climate change is causing will only continue to get worse.

Sarah Boyer | UCSC Calpirg Intern

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