Rail Trail Tale

Does anyone else notice it’s the same few die-hards who keep opposing the construction of the popular Coastal Rail Trail?  One day they are worried about cost.  Another day it’s trees.  Then it’s fences.  Next it’s obscure CalTrans statistics. Their relentless complaining creates the illusion of controversy when in fact, this is the most popular infrastructure project in the county! 

An election, polling, and comments to the Regional Transportation Commission, all show consistent support of 70-80% in favor of building this bike and pedestrian trail next to the tracks.  It’s the fastest way for us to get a high quality active transportation corridor across our county while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Russell Weisz

We Are Still Here

Thank you Good Times for the excellent article on the original inhabitants of the Monterey Bay. The Ohlone practiced a lifestyle which existed in harmony with their surrounding and abundant natural resources, and still offers a perspective that we would be wise to follow today. Fishing, hunting and gathering supported them, but it is the spiritual attachment to each other, their ancestors and the physical world that truly sustained their culture and the communities they formed.

Many thanks to people like Linda Yamane, Valentine Lopez and Robert Cartier in keeping the rich history of the Ohlone alive today. I might add that the well-researched local historical novel, “Five Hundred Moons”  offers an entertaining and informative account of Ohlone society when first confronted by the Spanish colonizers of the late 17th century.

Annette Filice

Rail Fail

If you went to the meeting about the rail trail and heard the guy talking about losing his home and then heard the lady come up afterwards and say sorry but it’s not our fault, maybe you wouldn’t post the same heartless ladies propaganda.

The truth is that keeping the tracks for a train that can only go one way at a time, that stopping every half mile for 30 miles is gonna take two hours and then two hours back, so the train can run every four hours in one direction. No one in their right mind is gonna be planning their day around this especially if they have to walk to it and carry all their things.

To pave five miles of track it could cost $1 million and be done in a week with eight people working. Then people could ride their electric bikes on their own schedule, and everyone would be happy except the developers who are intent on raping Santa Cruz.

G. Wood


  1. thank you , Annette, for recognizing the great and lasting contributionsof the OHLONE and the other Indigenous peoples of CA. this is why the Amah Mutsun DESERVE to rename the community college and remove the stain of a genocidal murderer who wanted glory from the Spanish King , and was willing to do anything to get it.

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