Yes, we do not give enough credit to the Indigenous people of our county . The Awaswas are long gone, but the Amah Mutsun are still here. and YES, they deserve the right to rename the college . The two campuses of our community college are ON THEIR LAND. Thanks for your continuing tribute to our predecessors on this land, and their contributions to our beautiful state of CA.

Steve L. Trujillo


 I am always fascinated by other people’s fascination with the internal combustion engine, which, when prettied up with a curvaceous body, fancy trim, custom wheels and a shiny paint job, suddenly becomes an object worthy of unquestioned worship. To see a group of car lovers staring slack-jawed with admiration while peering under the hood is to witness these lovers lost in cultish reverie.

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Time to wake up. This god-awful thing that we call the automobile is responsible for more death and destruction, more despoiling of the environment, more checkerboard, unwalkable neighborhoods, more pollution, and more cost to our wallets and peace of mind than practically any other invention we’ve come up with. In fact, if Henry Ford had it all to do over again, he’d probably think twice. A car at rest is 3,000 pounds of potential violence. But when gussied up and showroom ready, it’s apparently a real thing of beauty.

Allow this contrary opinion: cars suck. And I own one of the damn things!

Tim Rudolph

Don’t Forget the Insurrection

As we mark the third anniversary of the January 6th insurrection, it’s important to remember how we got to that moment and who was responsible for it. Donald Trump and his allies engaged in a months-long criminal conspiracy after the 2020 election. They spread lies about voter fraud and used those lies to put pressure on state officials to illegally overturn election results. When their scheme to interfere with Congress’ certification of the 2020 election results failed, Trump and his co-conspirators incited a violent mob to attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

MAGA Republicans nationwide have continued this assault on our democracy by introducing radical voter suppression bills in Congress and state legislatures, spreading false election conspiracy theories, and threatening to overturn election results they disagree with.

 If Trump is re-elected, he plans to pardon himself and his supporters, use the Department of Justice to exact revenge on his enemies, and purge the federal government of anyone who doesn’t agree with him until there’s no one left to say no.

Just last month, Trump said if he was reelected, he would attempt to be a dictator on “day one.” We need to take him at his word. It’s up to all of us to say no to a second Trump presidency before it’s too late.

Patrice Wallace


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