Week of February 14, 2024

Loss of Federal Internet Subsidies

I am a low income person who is receiving free internet access from this program. Internet access is ESSENTIAL for my job so if the program is not given renewed funding, I may not be employed.

Orly, commented on the Good Times web page

Sober Center Badly Needed

Santa Cruz county has a serious problem with inebriation and addiction. We need this new sobering center. We need to realize that people with these issues are NOT evil because of their condition, but are seriously ill. they need the opportunity to redirect their lives from addiction and find a new path for life that is not substance based.

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As a counselor for LGBTQ seniors in Watsonville, pro bono, and with an MA in counseling from SJSU (1989), i will reiterate: alcohol and narcotics are NOT your friend, they never were, and never will be. If you have difficulty staying sober, get to the Janus sobering facility as soon as possible. Life is too important to spend it in a state of inability to remember what you did yesterday.

Steve Trujillo, commented on the Good Times web page

Affordable Housing Needed

We NEED more affordable housing. The city needs to crack down on Air bnbs like Palm Springs did. Even the “Affordable” units are still too expensive for the average person in santa cruz. I’m slowly being choked out of my current apartment since the landlord wants to be at “market value”. We need rent control. We need to house the homeless. A landlord supplies housing like a scalper supplies tickets to a show.

Nolan, commented on the Good Times website

Vision for the Future

Where is the vision of what Santa Cruz should be and look like for the future? I read about all the issues involved but no overall vision. This is the essential element which provides the foundation for all future building.

 Santa Cruz can easily be turned into just another asphalt jungle without vision that considers its historic past, and geographic placement within the central valley.

Do you want it to look like Orange County and remove all the magic it has spun over the years? I think not! Yes, we need affordable housing but not slums of the future. Read the history of both public housing and affordable high rise developments throughout the country. You need to be creative and think outside the box. That is the essential element missing. That is what has always given Santa Cruz its magical edge.

Elisa Trujillo, commented on the Good Times website


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