LSCC is a nearly 40 year old institution dedicated to educating, connecting and training leaders for our community. I’m convinced that if we identify and support 50 leaders a year for a decade, the results will be transformative.
Applications are now open for our 38th class. If you or someone you know are in a leadership role and would benefit from developing skills, connecting with others and learning about our county, I’m hoping that you/they will apply.

LSCC participants must commit to 9 Fridays and a two-day retreat from August through June. There is a detailed description of the program and topics at leadershipsantacruzcounty.org/apply. The deadline is May 31st. Scholarships are available. We are committed to ensuring that the class reflects the diversity of our county in every way.

We’ve heard from so many people that participating in LSCC changed their lives. They made a connection that was critical to their career or now understand our community in a deeper way. Join us!
Ryan Coonerty, Executive Director


I write this letter not in anger, but in disappointment that our association is being denied the opportunity to build stronger connections with our community and by an organization that claims to want to do exactly that, no less! I hope that these words will lead to some introspection among Pride members and supporters and generate a constructive public conversation about inclusivity and how this term, by definition, invites participation from people of all walks of life. Even cops.
In the meantime, the Santa Cruz Deputy Sheriffs Association will continue its partnership with, and participation in, the greater Santa Cruz community. Perhaps we will be able to see uniformed law enforcement personnel marching in the 50th Anniversary Pride Parade next year in 2025. Perhaps not. Regardless, we stand ready to march when the time comes.

Ethan Rumrill, President of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association


Dear Brad:
I so appreciate the Good Times and your work.
Was especially moved by your account of encounters with the government in the 1970s.
That said, may I respectfully request that your photo on the editorial page be changed to show us your whole face, without sunglasses? That would increase my perception of your trustworthiness (which is not at all in question).
Suzanne G Semmes

Dear Suzanne:

Trust me, you aren’t missing much. I’ve got a face made for radio. But I sure appreciate your comment.

Brad Kava


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