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A favorite hub for over 50 years, Auntie Mame’s has been holding down the breakfast and lunch game in Scotts Valley since 1973. Ashley García’s mom started there as a busser in 1992 and became the owner in 2003.

Ashley grew up helping out at the restaurant and after graduating from UCSC with a degree in Human Biology, became a part-time server while she trains to become a local dispatcher. She says Auntie Mame’s vibes are all about one word: homey.

The spot has lots of regulars, many of whom have their own mug on the wall. Ashley says the menu features traditional and classic favorites with Mexican specials on the weekends. The famous sausage gravy is one menu favorite, served over housemade buttermilk biscuits.

Other bomb breakfast options include Eggs Benedict, huevos rancheros, French toast and omelets. Build your-own burgers, a popular halibut steak sandwich, and rotating homemade soups like clam chowder, chicken tortilla and chicken noodle round out the lunch offerings.

How was it growing up in the industry?

ASHLEY GARCĺA: I feel like it showed me the hard work that it takes to run a business, and really instilled in me a good work ethic. Seeing the police force dine here often and getting to know them and hear about how they help people on a daily basis inspired me to want to become a dispatcher. And probably the coolest part of growing up in a restaurant was getting to work with my mother and brothers, and creating so many lasting relationships with our customers.

Tell me more about your mom’s story?

AG: Many of our customers often say that my mom is the embodiment of the American dream. She was born in Guadalajara and came to the U.S. in 1989. By 1992, she had given birth to my three brothers, and then took classes to learn English and started bussing tables here. The previous owner was so impressed with my mom and her hard work that she eventually offered her ownership and my mom seized the opportunity. She is truly an incredible woman. I don’t know how she went from not knowing English to starting a family and becoming the owner of a successful restaurant.

3103 Scotts Valley Drive, Scotts Valley, 831-438-1840; auntiemamescafe.co


  1. This family deserves every accolade for their hard work and family values. The restaurant flourishes because of their collective personal touch. Not to mention the food!!

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