.Love Your Local Band: Morgen

Last year, local singer-songwriter Morgen released the single “Try Again,” a melancholy piano ballad that she put a lot of work into. When she released it, it didn’t really do much, aside from getting some enthusiastic comments from family members.

A year later, the 15-year old musician has re-released the song, with plans for a lot more people to hear it. She’s got management, and a self-titled EP in the works, which should be released in early December. It’s a well-produced pop record, driven by piano, with elements of jazz, blues and Americana, and Morgen’s velvety, emotive voice. 

“Basically, it’s me announcing myself to the world,” she says of “Try Again.” “‘Hey, I know you already know this song, but this is just me telling you guys officially that this is who I am, and this is what I’m doing with my life.’”

Morgen studied jazz at Kuumbwa band camp and took piano lessons to up her skills. She also devoted three days over the summer to making this record with manager Aidan Schechter and co-producer Walker Landgraf.

“Those three days were probably the best three days of my 15 years on Earth,” Morgen says. “It was so fun, sitting in a room making music with people.” 

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Even though Morgen has been writing music for a decade, this marks a beginning for her in what she hopes will be a professional career in music.

“I’m just doing it,” she says. “I’m planning on seeing what happens and making connections with people. Just seeing what people’s reactions are.”



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