.Nuz: Splash Goes Out with a Ripple

If you call the restaurant Splash right now, no one answers.

But when the machine comes on, a man’s recorded voice explains, “Thank you for calling Splash in Santa Cruz, California. Unfortunately, we are permanently closed and will re-opening this spring with a new brand and new ownership.”


First of all, Mr. Recorded-Voice-Man clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “permanently.” Finally—after Nuz rang Splash’s number a few times, trying to get the voicemail quote right—a man (who may or may not have been put off by our repeated ringing) informed us the restaurant is currently remodeling.


Last week, AFSCME reached an agreement with University of California administrators for its 8,000 service workers in what became one of UC’s longest-running labor disputes. The deal, which must be approved by a vote of the union’s membership, includes wage increases, benefits and enforceable limits on UC’s ability to outsource service jobs to private contractors. 

A wildcat strike, meanwhile, led by some UCSC grad students demanding a raise before they turn in last quarter’s grades is still ongoing. Students from UC Santa Barbara are signing on to the effort.


Santa Cruz Police Chief Andy Mills took a break from posting Twitter pictures of confiscated guns and alleged bad guys to throw up a poll on Sunday, Jan. 26.

The topic? The pending impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump. Honestly, this is an odd topic for Mills to be broaching with his Twitter followers, but nonetheless, if you’re going to tweet a crazy-unscientific poll about non-local politics, go all in and make the question interesting!

Mills asked his followers how objective people planned to be during the proceedings. One fifth said they would be objective. Just over half said they had already made up their minds, and 28% checked the box for “Don’t care — I’m over it.”

Why, though?


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