.Street Talk: question of the week

This week, Good Times reporter asks Santa Cruz: What is a mystery about Santa Cruz you would like to know the answer to? Here's what they said...

George Oakley, jazz multi-instrumentalist, music educator

“Are there actually secret, hidden tunnels in the hills and mountains north of town? And what are they?”

Christine Fahrenbach, psychologist and Roman Catholic WomanPriest

“Why did it take more than 100 years for Santa Cruz to discover that Loudon Nelson’s name is actually London Nelson?”

Matty Johnson, UCSC student, barista

“’Skinwalkers’ are shapeshifters from Native American legend. Have they been seen around Santa Cruz as people say?”

Clay Powell, skimboarder and plant enthusiast

“Why are the roads so crazy in this town, were the city planners high when they designed the streets here?”

Mark Roberts, purveyor of vintage vinyl

Raymon Daniel, retiree

“I first saw the Court of Mysteries on Fair Avenue when I moved here in 1986, and I’m STILL wondering what it’s all about.”

Jen Thompson, Registered Nurse, artist

“Why is the Brookdale Lodge on Highway 9 so haunted, and why have so many different ghosts be seen there?”


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