.Letter to the Editor: Act For the People

I urge you to use your position and your privilege to stand up for those who need representation. At this point in history, we need to do every single thing we can to fight for racial equality. Sitting on the sidelines makes you a part of the problem. Be on the right side of history.

The first 100 days of Biden’s presidency are under way, and I’m hoping that he and Congress will make reforming our democracy a top priority. The best way to do that is by passing the For the People Act.

The For the People Act is a bold piece of legislation that would strengthen our democracy for generations to come. The law would dismantle numerous barriers to voting and representation, like gerrymandering, racist voter ID laws, unnecessary hurdles to registration, and felony disenfranchisement, adding millions of new voters to the rolls. It would also reduce the influence of big money in our politics by enacting limits on donations from lobbyists and increasing the power of campaign contributions from Americans by enacting a small-donor matching program.

Without this much-needed reform, our political system will never be truly democratic or fully representative, meaning our government will continue to work only for the privileged few.

With a new president in the White House, I want to build a better system for all Americans— which is why I’m urging Congress to pass the For the People Act.

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Danielle Ferretti | Felton

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