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One of GT’s most iconic covers featured “SC’s own Doobie Brother” Pat Simmons 41 years ago, in January 1978. In the interview with his good friend and novelist Bill Craddock, Simmons casually mentioned, “We’re doin’ a new album.” Ten months later, Minute by Minute was released, and by spring it was the country’s best-selling album and would go triple-platinum.

I remember thinking how cool it was seeing one of the era’s genuine rock stars at the zenith of his commercial success walking out of a Soquel florist or behind the counter at his Classic Motorcycles shop on Mission Street. I’d see his post-Doobie Brothers-breakup band Skin Suit perform at the Crow’s Nest, and attended the Doobies’ benefit at the Catalyst after the Loma Prieta earthquake. Pat then started a family and moved to Maui.

Time flies, and now Pat’s son is a family man and working musician in his own right, making his headlining club debut at Moe’s Alley on Thursday and appearing on the cover of GT with Steve Palopoli’s cover story. Welcome home!


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Keep Up Vs. Upkeep

Having just read the article “Booking Ahead” in the Good Times (GT, 7/10) edition extolling the new Capitola library being built, I want to respond to some of the opinions being expressed in it. I totally agree that the libraries are central to maintaining the community. The downtown library is an important part of my life, both its materials and its programs.

However, the overall tone of this article was “Hey, we need to keep up with the Joneses.” Not all of us want to keep up. Some of us see this attitude as having been part of a culture that is unsustainable. We have enough information now about the rapidity of global warming and species extinction that the idea of building another parking structure downtown Santa Cruz becomes questionable.

Many people are afraid of the homeless. Seeing that the downtown library is a refuge for some individuals who are homeless might keep them away. I wonder if the thought is that having modern steel and glass structures will keep more homeless folk away? Isn’t it time to face our fears and broaden our idea of community?

We are in the 21st century and the image of moving forward to a bigger and better material world is not clear for many of us. Why can’t we nurture the community that is actually here? Do we need to project “new” as if it’s going to save us from deterioration that our own consumerism has helped bring about?

Sara Cloud
Santa Cruz

Reasons for Recall

Re: Nuz’s “Call It Like It Is” (GT, 6/19): On March 24, I attended a rally against the Krohn-Glover plan to establish a Ross-style campground at Depot Park. The protest was organized by residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, who had a microphone and speaker set up. I stood among the listeners facing the speakers. Councilman Glover stood with the organizers facing the audience. Whenever a neighborhood organizer spoke against the tent camp, Glover applauded—pretending to be against the proposal that he and Councilman Krohn had initiated only days before. I was shocked, but not surprised, by the councilman’s deceitful behavior. Clearly, Mr. Glover was not suddenly against his own proposal. So I conclude that he was trying to fool the neighbors. The majority of voters in Santa Cruz, however, are not fools, and recognize obvious dishonesty. Residents of our town have the opportunity to reject pretense and deceit by simply signing a petition to place the recall measure on the ballot. Let the voters decide whether dishonesty is a valid reason to remove someone from office.

Monika Adam
Santa Cruz

Re: Beekeeper Trouble

I’ve been fortunate enough to have Tom and Donna’s honey, and have come to their home with my young children. They have inspired me with their hospitality and generosity, and my girls never were stung during many long visits in their yard. They are a couple of good people that represent what’s good about humankind. Please let them keep up the “good times” with their beekeeping!

— Jessica Golding

I had no idea about this ordinance! I came to this article via Councilmember Glover addressing it in his newsletter. I am all for revamping this ridiculous rule. Thank you for the info.

— Michelle Davis

An unfortunate story, especially as they’ve had been there for years. Sound like great neighbors, with a cool front yard. The Google street view is very illuminating. Small beehive in 2011 turns into two impressive large hives in 2015, and in 2019 hives are mostly gone, with a building going in to the left.

— Gary

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Who says that dogs can’t appreciate a good tale? The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter and county parks department will host the first-ever “Doggie Date Night” on Thursday, Aug. 8, at Brommer Street Park, 1451 30th Ave., Santa Cruz. There will be tacos and beer, with festivities beginning at 7 p.m. Free movie The Secret Life of Pets will start at 8:30 p.m. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome. For more information, visit scanimalshelter.org.


The Santa Cruz sock company MERGE4 founder and CEO Cindi Busenhart apologized to the Hindu community for socks featuring Lord Ganesh, quickly removed the product from its website and discontinued the design. Rajan Zed of the Nevada-based Universal Society of Hinduism had emailed news outlets about the representation of the elephant-headed god. Zed argued that putting the deity on people’s feet trivialized Ganesh, which Busenhart said was never her intention.


“If you don’t have ADD right now, you’re not paying attention.”

-Natasha Leggero


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