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Strawberries have been part of this area’s landscape for so long that those of us not connected to the industry in some way don’t think much about how they’re grown. Most of us probably assume it doesn’t change very much, but when you think about the fact that this is a multi-billion-dollar crop and a major part of the California economy, it quickly becomes clear how ludicrous that assumption is. Strawberry growers are of course dealing with the same fears and problems that the rest of us are—climate change, affordability, etc. And as Jordy Hyman reports in this week’s cover story, strawberries are actually a bellwether for the ag industry as a whole, meaning there are a lot of eyes on how they deal with these challenges.  

Also this week, GT News Editor Jacob Pierce writes about his upcoming stand-up comedy gig. As part of the “I Think I’d Be Good At That” show at DNA’s Comedy Lab, several veteran comics will give him tips on how to put together a set and not bomb. So come out Friday and see him not bomb!


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Hard Tale to Tell

I thought it was courageous of a progressive, active community member to divulge her personal experience with the intimidating behaviors of Drew Glover (GT, 2/26). As an attorney representing foster youth for over 25 years, I know how hard it is for people who have been the victims of bullying to tell their tale to prevent others from being victims. In this case, the potential future victims of Drew Glover’s behavior are the good people of the city of Santa Cruz. Kudos to Leonie Sherman for speaking up, when doing so may be against her own political beliefs, but serves to benefit the community by ridding itself of a bully on the City Council.

Allison B. Cruz | Santa Cruz


Re: “Biting Chance” (GT, 2/26): The California Retail Food Code, effective Jan. 1, 2019, Sec. 114259.5 states (with specific exceptions) “live animals may not be allowed in a food facility.” Why have we been seeing more and more dogs and other pets in local grocery stores? Let’s encourage Health Dept. inspectors to enforce the law and stop this readily controlled source of possible food contamination.

Walt Oicle | Watsonville


Re: “Water You Know” (GT, 2/19): Everything mentioned was good news, i.e. that water usage has dropped significantly even with an increasing number of hookups. However, how does this compute with my bill astronomically increasing during those time periods? Is anyone auditing the amounts of money being spent by the Santa Cruz Water Department? If usage has dropped and my water bill has risen by double digits, where are all these dollars going? It would be interesting to know how much the water department is spending these days versus years in the past. If usage has dropped wouldn’t there be less cost?  How many people are employed by the department now compared with those prior years? Too many questions, not enough answers.

Robert Malbon | Santa Cruz

Robert, check out the story we did last September titled “Why Conservation Isn’t Cutting Santa Cruz Water Rates” on goodtimes.sc for more insight into this. — Editor


Re: Leonie Shermans Op-Ed

Leonie, thank you for your courage. I know that must’ve been a very difficult decision. I am absolutely astounded at the lack of compassion from some of the people in the progressive community in Santa Cruz. Watching them boo, hiss, harass and shame the women that have come forward to share their stories about the abusive behavior that they have experienced has been awful to witness. A woman speaking at oral communications at city council meeting referenced “this so-called abuse” someone had experienced from Krohn and Glover and went on to say she had never experienced such abuse. How incredibly self-centered does someone have to be to deny someone else’s story because it didn’t happen to them? This is how abuse festers and grows. This is how bullies are empowered. How much of your egos are involved here? Two people you voted for and have supported are bullying women. Come on feminists, where are you? Are your egos so fragile that you think admitting this is happening is going to make you look bad? This isn’t about you! Do the right thing. Stop victim shaming

Leonie, I have no doubt you are experiencing the backlash of speaking out. Thank you for your courage.

— Sharon 



Unsuspecting sailors get swarmed off Twin Lakes State Beach. Photograph by Leviticus Siegel.

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The work of the latest recipients of the Rydell Visual Arts Fund—Robert Chiarito, Myra Eastman, David Dunn, and Robin Kandel—is now on display at the R. Blitzer Gallery through March 28. The fellowship, administered by the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County every two years, awards Santa Cruz artists with $20,000 grants, a gift from the estate of the late Roy and Frances Rydell.



The Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz County is offering an upcoming skills training to help interested participants understand how conflict works and also learn practical, powerful tools. Trainees will learn to keep conflict from escalating, listen without defensiveness, speak without offending and find common ground. The event is $125 on Tuesday, March 10 from 9am-4:30pm. For more information, visit crcsantacruz.org.


“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.”

-Will Rogers


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